Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday Evening Feeling Relaxed - But Do People Really Read What I Write?

Hey everyone,

After coming home from work (yes, I do have an office work mon-fri) and had dinner with my lovely wife, I sat down by my computer, checked a few mails, jumped into my social accounts and was happy to gain some new friends and followers. Felt like writing a little, so here you go... :)

The thing that strikes my mind tonight is how little people very often pay attention to what you say and/or write. Things simply move too fast, and people get so much information that they clearly most of the time can't sort out what they're really interested in taking part in.

It shouldn't be like this. If you decide to become a friend with someone and follow him/her, you should really take the time to interact with that person, or at least take part in what he/she has to say. Sure, quite often we simply don't have the time to look into things immediately, but it doesn't change the fact that we should really be active and check out what the person you're following has to say.

My simple advice in this regard is to really spend a little time to check out what your friends and people you follow have to deliver and say. You'll quickly find out if they have something of interest to you. If not, simply skip them and move on to someone who has the things and information that appeals to you.

A little Friday evening thought from me.

Take care
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